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Jody Tull Teaches Yoga

The mediocre teacher tells.   The good teacher explains.   The superior teacher demonstrates.     The great teacher inspires.

More than anything, I am grateful to my Mom and Dad for bringing me into their world and to my teachers and their teachers. Diving into their  spirit-filled kind of a can-do attitude has fueled the fire behind all that I’ve taken on in life — most recently the yoga, meditation and chanting retreat that Rupert and I organize in Soglio Switzerland.

From my parents and sisters, I learned to love the sound of laughter and the sound of song. I learned love, in all its shapes and sizes…and its painful edge too. I learned to love faith and to love God and the teachings of Christ. And I learned that, in order to be free and grow, I needed to unlearn everything — to make way for, and trust, experiences that weren’t second hand.

From my first, and beloved yoga teacher, Swami Saradananda, I learned through observation, to live courageously, without self-pity, and to believe in and be absolutely committed to the wisdom behind the stellar teachings of Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnu-Devenanda. Swami Saradananda is a brilliant and determined administrator. She has a keen and creative intellect. Our teachers continue to teach through her. And she, through it all, lives a spirit-filled life. Her example is tough and radiant. She is love.

From my first, and favorite voice teacher Graham Bernard (NYC)I learned to look for and expect magic in everything. Going to his West Village brownstone for lessons was an extravaganza into light, energy and inspiration. Beauty in the plants, that I noticed made me feel really alive, beauty in the smells that wafted from his kitchen, beauty in the students and family that gathered around, and beauty in the sounds that glowed from his music-room. He was stubborn, cranky and he was joy. He was expanded into a way of being that was mesmerizing. He was one with the beauty that was all-encompassing. It was clear that he was connected with Eternity, in his life here.

From my dear ones, Joan,  Scott, Marsha, Robert, Sandy, Susan, Lynn, PG, Janet, Karl and Mary I continue to learn that there is always enough time.  Time to explore a two-way reflection into giggles, tears, pitter-patter of the heart and so much — so much more.

From my most recent teacher of life, Chloe Goodchild, founder of the Naked Voice, who has waved her magic wond around all in me that is still clinging onto life being stuck in the story of whatever. Thank God for Chloe whose teacher Anandamayee, so effortlessly, glistens through. It’s a lineage of startling and humbling letting go into the Source of the very first and last, and every breath in between, in order to be carried by the wind of Grace.

And, most precious of all Kelsey and Will whose light and energy I carry with me at all times.

And, from dear, dear Rupert — my sweetheart, whose life path I get to share. Rupert introduced me to the most magical place outside of my meditation practice — Soglio Switzerland. My first comment was “I absolutely have to share this place with yoga students.” Now in our fourth year, we are awed by Soglio and its people whose concept of “green” has been the driving force since its inception more than 1,000 years ago. And we get giddy at the thought — and as the date gets closer and closer — to welcoming our week-long to life-long family to the adventure that awaits during “our” Yoga, Meditation and Chanting retreat.

So that’s me. Jody Tull de Salis on March 28, 2009. Magic-dust gets sprinkled in my path…my Mom signing us up for a transcendental meditation course when I was 16 to Janet interviewing voice teachers in England — for me (not her) and informing me that she’d signed me up for “lessons.” Little did either one of us know what was in store.

Thank you!!! Thank you!! Thank you, Dear Ones.  ”Around me I ware an invisible coat of many colors, fabrics and textures.  It is made of friends and family here and no longer here, far and not so far.  They are all part of my coat which keeps me warm wherever I go.”   Sally Huss

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  1. Ewanuk says:

    The site for the retreat is so inspirational! The beautiful hills of Solio make me breath the fresh air and feel the relaxation even though I’m here in Edmonton waiting for spring!
    No wonder why the Sound of Music was filmed in this kind of setting. Chanting must be sensational there!


  2. Jay Cross says:

    Jody, you commented on some photos of Soglio on my site. I can’t help but wondering, are you a descendant of the noble Salis family that once owned Soglio, the masters of the mansion converted to a hotel at the top of town?

  3. Jody Tull says:

    Hi Jay,
    My husband’s family is part of the English branch of the de Salis family. Distant cousins own the Palazzo Salis — a gathering place for ice-cream, espresso and adventure-telling discussion about time spent hiking, climbing, marketing, yogacizing in and around Soglio. The family still keep a lovely apartment on an upper floor.
    The Palazzo Salis in Bondo, (just down the hill from Soglio,) is grand and elegant, still with original and perfectly kept furniture and trimmings which includes gorgeous hand painted silk wall-paper, has been owned by the same de Salis family since it was built in the late 1700. During our 2009 yoga meditation and hiking retreat, the owners will give our students a tour of this totally amazing summer home. We’re thrilled!! We are also delighted to be welcomed into the home of Raymond Meier, whose recently built house in Soglio marries old with new.

    “After a lucky encounter with the Soglio-based architect Armando Ruinelli, Meier’s dream became a solid (but extremely airy) 7,300-square-foot reality. ‘Even though Armando and I were thousands of miles away from each other, we worked very closely,’ Meier explains. Ruinelli faxed plans from Switzerland almost every day for two years, and Meier put in his own ideas over the phone. ‘He taught me so much about architecture that it became my hobby,’ Meier says.;st=cse

    Did you have a chance to view our slideshow at Part of the thrill of being in and around Soglio is photographing it. It is impossible to take a bad picture. Are your photos found at:
    These are absolutely beautiful and brilliantly capture the magic of the region.

    Lovely to hear from you!
    Jody Tull de Salis

  4. Lynn Cartwright says:

    What a lovely website and description of your experiences at Soglio. Makes me want to sign up right now. The pictures are lovely! I’m going to check out the brochure now. It sounds like the experience of a lifetime!

  5. Julie (Hargett) Kessler says:


    How nice this is… Our class just celebrated our 30th Saline class reunion and of course Randy Douthat and I could not stop talking about Storybook Gardens, your Mom & Dad, and you.

    I took flute lessons from you, I think you were in high school (or maybe younger); your Mom would bribe me with pie! :)

    It sounds as though life is well for you; Randy & I are both teachers…go figure!

    Take care,


  6. carol light says:

    Hi Judy,

    I would like to make an appointment for a Thai message, hopefully. this Sat (Aug8), if possible. Can you please call me on 8108772133 and confirm if you would be available?

  7. jodytull says:

    Hi Julie,
    Finally, I’m getting back in touch. REALLY wonderful to hear from you. Sorry it’s taken so long to respond. Computers are not my strength — and until just now, I thought I had forever lost your comment, and contact.
    Where do you live? What do you teach? Still playing flute? Would love to hear back!!

    All the best,

  8. jodytull says:

    Hi Carol,
    I only just now got your email. While August has come and gone and we’re well into 2010, I’m happy to schedule a Thai Yoga Massage, if that is of interest.

    All the best,

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